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    of surgical tissue and critical care management!

The Team

Yanyan Wang

  • Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

ZR MedTech

Innovation to Regeneration

We deliver innovative excellence for surgeons to regenerate patients’ life.
15 years ago, I was challenged by a surgeon that there was no real long-term solution for treating tissue defects. Many patients suffering from recurrence or no effective clinical solutions for biodegraded tissue restoration postoperatively. In these years, we continued to develop our technology encouraged by our friends and partners from clinic and scientific works. We learned to understand deeper of biology and respect of it. Subsequent iteration of our technology was never been paused. Now, our technology is being able to help millions of people recovering from diseases, and we are still on the way of understanding unknown, and providing new solutions for the same question.

We deliver innovative excellence for surgeons to regenerate patients’ life.
We only bring product excellence.

— Dr. Yanyan Wang,
Founder of ZR Medtech

Yang Sun, PhD
Innovative Business & BD Director

Wenyue Chen, MSc
Fundamental Research & Patent Deputy Director

Sishi Chen, MSc
Regulatory Affairs Deputy Director

Junjun Cui, MSc
Sales Director

Meibiao Zhao, MSc
Chief Engineer

Zhao He
Marketing Director

Xiao Chen
R&D Director

Liangliang Gu
Clinical Affair Director

Yechen Wang
Legal & Compliance Senior Manager

Huiping Xiong
Financial Director

Ziwei Wu
HR Senior Manager



ZR MedTech was established.
Basement membrane Technology(ExceBM™)was born in the laboratory.


ZR MedTech Regenerative Medicine Research Center was constructed.
Construction of small scale production line had been completed.


ExceReg™ Biological Surgical Graft launched a multi-center clinicaLRCT.
ExceReg™ Biological Surgical Graft listed of the "Innovation Approval Procedure for Medical Devices" by NMPA.


ExceFil™ Dural (Spinal) Graft launched a multi-center RCT.


Construction of large scale production line had been completed.
Soft tissue graft (Oral) launched a multi-center RCT.


ExCeReg ™ Biological Surgical Graft certification was approved by NMPA.
Pelvic Graft multi-center RCT launched.


ExceFil™ Dual (Spinal) Graft certification approved by NMPA.
Pelvic Graft listed of the “innovation Approval Procedure for Medical Devices" by NMPA.


ZR MedTech R&D (Shanghai) successfully constructed.
Staple line reinforcement and wound dressing multi-center clinical RCT launched.
Incisional Ventral hernia graft multi-center RCT launched.
2 products were submitted to FDA registration.


Leader of Surgical Tissue Reconstruction and Critical Management

Innovation to

  • ZR MedTech Founded in 2015

  • Currently own 5 PCT Patents、2 NMPA Class lll Medical Device Registration Certificates、2 “Innovative Green Pathway for Medical Devices” by NMPA

  • 30+ pipeline supported by strong R&D capacity

  • Intelligent Manufactory with ISO13485 & MDSAP




Shanghai R&D Center


Shanghai One-Site Center (2025)