Biology of Basement Membrane(BM)

A fundamental functional supportive structure

ECM comes from natural tissue and is an insoluble scaffold with complete appearance, morphology, histology and ultrastructure that remains after the removal of cellular and immunogenic components. ECM is highly conservative, and can be safely transplanted to human body by completely removing the cell components and antigens causing immune rejection with the patented technology of BMT After ECM implantation, the "endogenous regeneration" is initiated, that is, attracting and regulating the growth and differentiation of host cells in the scaffold, forming new self ECM to replace the implanted ECM, so as to complete the repair of the defect; It is completely different from the principle that synthetic materials stimulate the formation of scar tissue through foreign body stimulation and chronic inflammation to fill the defect.

ZR MedTech extracellular matrix series products are based on the domestic exclusive basement membrane (BM) technology platform.
BM is a special extracellular matrix (ECM) that isolates connective tissue and supports cell growth. It is soft and tough in the shape of a reticulum and rich in bioactive components including proteins, polysaccharides, growth factors and more than 5000 polypeptides. It is the representative of the latest generation of induced tissue regeneration materials.The basement membrane is a specialized extracellular matrix (ECM) structure widely present in the tissues and organs of animals;All tissues and organs have a basement membrane: digestive tract / uterus / cornea / skeletal muscle …
Support epithelial cells /endothelial cells/muscle cells/Schwann cells, etc

About Basement Membrane

  • Self-repair:The basement membrane is the extracellular matrix structure of theorganismthat supports rapid cellular metabolism and self-repair.

  • Highly homologous:The basement membranes are highly consistent in structure and composition across species, individuals and organs.

  • Biological activity:The basement membrane is rich in biologicaly active components,inducing rapid proliferation and differentiation of the implanted area and orderly tissue regeneration.

Metabolism and Tissue Repair

In the process of self-healing, complete BM is essential for functional regeneration of endometrium, skin, muscle, cornea and other tissues. Like the amazing regeneration inducing ability of natural BM in the body, BM products can quickly promote the adhesion, migration and differentiation of body cells after implantation, help tissue-specific cells to locate and guide orderly regeneration of tissues, significantly enhance tissue repair and wound healing, and achieve tissue-specific regeneration. Basic and clinical studies confirm the advantages of BM products:

  • Effectiveness

    • Low recurrence
    • Functional regeneration
  • Safety

    • Low seroma rate
  • Convenience

    • Easy to spread
    • High pliability
    • High transparency