ExceReg™ Biological Surgical Graft Plus


ExceReg™ Biological Surgical Graft Plus is a composite biological graft designed for the reinforcement of soft tissues where weakness exists. It intended for the ventral hernia or body wall defect.
ExceReg™ Biological Surgical Graft Plus provides high biocompatibility and contains slow degradable polymer sutures to offer ultra strong mechanical properties to ensure longterm reliable stability.
The first composite biologic hernia repair material containing polymer composite reinforcement that can be used for intra-abdominal patch implantation. The basement membrane achieves good tissue remodeling, and the combination of biocompatible polymer material maintains tension-free tissue repair for a long time, and the final repair area achieves a long-term stable structure similar to that of "steel-concrete", which significantly reduces the recurrence rate of abdominal wall hernia and incisional hernia.
Note: Indications may vary from countries.

Data sheet:

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SIZE (cm)
Z-ECP-ABM-5×8 5×8
Z-ECP-ABM-5×10 5×10
Z-ECP-ABM-5×15 5×15
Z-ECP-ABM-5×20 5×20
Z-ECP-ABM-5×25 5×25

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